Friday, March 2

Green lights are up but don’t be hasty. Clever Mercury trines wise Jupiter at 5:05 am PST inspiring new ideas and good thinking.

Meanwhile, Luna trines healing Pluto at 8:26 am Friday morning, and all is well until the Moon squares impatient Mars at 9:29 am. Here’s the moment to back off and reconsider.

The good energy quickly returns as the Moon then sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 12:40 pm. Expect a challenging note in conversations or a difference of opinion as the Moon opposes Mercury and Venus at 3:50 pm Friday afternoon.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Libra twenty minutes past midnight.

2 thoughts on “Friday, March 2

  1. Carol

    I will be meeting with my potential employers during void of course tomorrow evening. Any suggestions. I know it was not the best time, but there was no choice. Thanks, Carol


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