Friday, March 27

Green lights. There’s a powerful and positive blast of energy and healing in the Skywatch today and Saturday. Sweet Venus trines lucky Jupiter today at 9:24 pm PDT. And she will trine Pluto tomorrow.

The rest of Friday’s Skywatch is stellar for handling important chores and all financial matters. The Moon in money sign Taurus is delighted to hear that ruler Venus is kissing Jupiter today. This combination suggests a very good day for buying/selling.

Evening hours are romantic and excellent for all social plans. The Moon sextiles romantic Neptune at 9:02 pm. Venus trines Jupiter at 9:24 pm. It’s a great moment to pop the question—love is in the air.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Friday, March 27

  1. Lance Ferguson comes Venus in money sign Taurus linking up with expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto now and it’s a very hopeful sign the bill in Congress to help us all will be signed. Pluto rules corporations so we can expect them to get a huge tax boost as well, given who runs the government. Love is in the air, too, with sweet Venus on stage…and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a big craving for something sweet this weekend. Leslie and I send our love. Be well.

  2. Lance Ferguson

    One more thing…if you feel lazy today and don’t do anything worthwhile…Venus is talking to you and she prompts both of us to be worthless today…every planet has good/bad traits… I see it in charts all the time…someone has a Venus Mercury conjunction in Aquarius…big-time brain and capability to create, teach, be a real force in communications. But they are lazy and don’t capitalize on this gift…and don’t get educated or put this gift to use. I think Venus is telling us to back off, be grateful for the good things and people in our lives, eat chocolate, and stay out of arguments. Some good Mexican food wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


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