Friday, May 11

Saddle up. Green lights. This is a stellar day to attack an important problem, schedule elective surgery or an important appointment, and to put your wishes and ideas out on the table.

The Moon enters fired up Aries at 5:40 am PDT early Friday morning and then sails out into calm seas.  The main event in the Skywatch is the Sun making a trine to healing and powerful Pluto, exact at 4:07 pm Friday afternoon.

The Sun rules bosses, your father, and all authority figures—Pluto helps you communicate and work well with all today.

Clouds begin to roll in Friday night as stress levels rise in the Skywatch.  The Moon squares grumpy Saturn at 9:35 pm.  And an argument could be brewing as Mercury lines up in a square to hotheaded Mars which will be exact Saturday morning—skip the political talk Friday night.

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