Friday, May 22

A mix-master.  We have a most unusual blend of planetary energies in the Skywatch today. Persuasive Mercury and sweet Venus Retrograde meet in the heavens at 1:41 am PDT.

The Sun trines realistic Saturn at 5:02 am. The Moon is Void of Course from last night until she enters Gemini at 6:36 am. Caution lights come on nevertheless as Gemini ruler Mercury lines up in a confusing square to unrealistic Neptune at 8:43 am.  

A New Moon in Taurus, exact at 10:39 am trines realistic Saturn but squares hasty Mars at 7:43 pm.  The message here is: plant seeds for long term growth this week and don’t be impatient to see progress. As times change.

8 thoughts on “Friday, May 22

  1. Banes

    Hi guys, think new moon is in Gemini ♊️?
    You’re having too much fun celebrating birthdays

    Q. With venus retrograde what about beauty treatments, botox, hair coloring, etc ? Stay with the tried & true or just stay away?

  2. lance ferguson

    oops…right you are, Nancy….the Moon enters Gemini at 6:35 am….this confusing line-up even got to me…thanks for the notice…

    so, easy does it today…and be well…..

  3. lance ferguson

    whoops…the New Moon is in 2 degrees Gemini, Lance…not in Taurus. yes, it trines Saturn in Aquarius and squares Mars in Pisces…and I apologize for being so dialed out on this event…
    Must be I have Taurus on my mind.

  4. Marlene Smith

    No problem…….It’s your birthday time and you know nobody is perfect!!! But isn’t Mercury getting ready to retrograde???? The planet of communications??!!
    Happy Birthday Lance!!!!
    Kind Regards,

  5. lance ferguson

    stay away from beauty treatments or painting the living room with Venus Rx…not a good time to pick out colors either.


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