Friday, May 4

Be conservative today.

Green lights are up as the Moon in realistic Capricorn sails out into calm skies Friday morning. This is a good day to discharge important duties and to organize a project as the Moon meets reliable Saturn in the heavens at 1:02 pm PDT.

Clear skies follow into the evening hours.

Stay up late, and you enjoy the Sun and Moon making a trine at 00:52 am early Saturday morning.

5 thoughts on “Friday, May 4

  1. John Blackburn

    Bob and I are currently west of the Tucson Mountains at the Desert Trails RV Park (40 plus only, no kids and enough activities in the winter to keep even the faint of heart camper busy and having fun) enjoying dark skies with the waning full moon and Jupiter and Venus bright in the sky, cactus a-blooming everywhere and birds chirping everywhere. Yesterday a couple of coyotes wandered past our motorhome en-route to the nearby mountain for breakfast. The pink sunrises and especially the orange sunsets can’t be beat! We are seriously contemplating wintering here in December, and possibly longer. I don’t have my paper copy of Skywatch as we are on the road for two months and haven’t seen mail since leaving home. Thanks for the on-line daily. Skywatch is the start to each and every day. Thanks for being there! You are such an important part of my life. Best to Leslie as well.

  2. lance Ferguson

    wow…wish I was there with you and Bob…love the desert…the sundowns are so fabulous…
    sounds like a little piece of paradise….we wish you both the best…

  3. lance Ferguson

    you are the second person this month where the PO has not delivered…will put another copy in the post to you…very sorry.


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