Friday, Oct 9

A bad moon rising.  Caution lights.  One of the most dangerous aspects to show up in the heavens shows up today.

Retrograde Mars in impulsive Aries squares sitting duck Pluto who just recently left his Retrograde cycle and is now “stationary direct” or barely moving. This means accidents, violence, breakdowns, and conflicts are much more likely on Friday. The square hits exact at 6:19 am PDT (that’s 9:19 am in New York City - be sure to covert PDT to your local time zone).

In power all day long, this square will tend to throw off even more sparks when the Sun and Moon also square at 5:39 pm late Friday afternoon. Caution lights stay on Friday night. The Moon opposes overconfident Jupiter at 8:17 pm, and then thankfully Luna trines compassionate and gentle Neptune at 8:44 pm.

Best not to push your luck today and tonight.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Friday, Oct 9

  1. John Bostrom

    The first line today reminded me of An American Werewolf in London. Definitely a night to spend inside instead of strolling along the moors.

  2. lance ferguson

    and we think of the folks in harm’s way in the gulf…let’s all send up a prayer for them and that they get through Delta safely and without harm. We know what it feels like to have a red ball of hate sitting offshore…and we never got caught in one as bad as Delta…Leslie and I send out best wishes to all under the impact of this powerful storm.


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