Friday, October 25

A day of Grace.

Green lights are up; this is an excellent day to handle priority calls and business. Three kisses in a row begin with the Moon making a trine to Retrograde Mercury suggesting solutions and a breakthrough Friday morning.

Luna travels on to make her best planetary connection this month as she meets/conjuncts optimistic Jupiter at 3:31 pm.

The Moon then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

However, a quiet but most welcome Sun Neptune trine pulls exact at 5:41pm encouraging us to take the high road and to help others make it a win-win deal on Friday.

This is excellent energy for artists—Neptune rules the Muses.

Evening hours are good for social plans—reach out.

One thought on “Friday, October 25

  1. Stephen

    Weirdly enough, I feel the upcoming exact Uranus-Pluto square much more… getting enormously crabby, by my standards, with all sort of folks. So do others around me. Ah well…


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