Friday, September 1, 2017

Double-check the details.

We still have Mercury backing up on the bases or Retrograde until Sept. 5. The odd twist is that Mercury sits in a favorable trine to truthful Uranus and sits on this point for the next five days.

Likely the light goes on in your head as a new idea pops in, and/or the truth comes out in some form in this period of time.

The rest of Friday’s Skywatch is good for work or play. The Moon in responsible Capricorn meets intense Pluto in the heavens at 11:28 am PDT which tends to make people take sides when compromise is the best medicine for progress.

Luna travels on to square dogmatic Jupiter at 9:47 pm Friday night—not the moment to talk politics.

3 thoughts on “Friday, September 1, 2017

  1. cj

    Hello Lance, I have been waiting to make final decisions, signing business paperwork , releasing book, and purchasing an airline ticket, have done reviewing of all. My question is with Mercury going direct is all of the day of Sept. 5 and onward except for kisses and quacks ok to move forward and finish with my waiting during merc. retro.
    Another question Is there a particular thing to look for in the the dailies for haircuts etc. Sept, Oct. or in general.
    As always thank you, have a wonderful labor day weekend, all my best to you and Leslie. cj

  2. lance Ferguson

    yes, mercury Rx ends on the 5th and in a good spot as he trines/kisses Uranus, the planet that rules the truth. So, yes, green lights for all come on on the 5th as mercury resumes direct motion at 4:30 am PDT that morning.

    Look for Venus kisses, even to the Moon, for good days for beauty treatments of all kinds.
    Oct 3 stands out as Venus trines Pluto that day…Pluto rules surgery so this is also a very good day for cosmetic or elective surgery of any kind.


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