Friday, September 13

Emotional and charged up. There’s a long list of events in the Skywatch today headed by a Full Moon in Pisces.

Morning hours are the best of the day for important calls and business as the Sun trines powerful Pluto a 12:38 pm PDT. Caution lights kick on less than an hour later when the sensitive and emotional Moon opposes feisty Mars at 1:12 pm and then conjuncts/meets spacey Neptune in the heavens at 1:44 pm.

This pair of planets, Mars and Neptune, line up opposite each other tonight, exact at 10:26 pm, lowering our energy level and opening the door to errors, accidents and people getting drunk or drugged out, especially with the Sun and Moon now in Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Add to this scene, the Full Moon turns exact at 9:33 pm amping up the emotional charge in the heavens.

Luna then turns Void of Course before the dangerous opposition and stays V/C until Saturday afternoon!

Play is safe and cool Friday night.

3 thoughts on “Friday, September 13

  1. Deborah Buchanan

    Am I reading something wrong? It says: “…especially with the Sun and Moon now in Pisces, ruled by Neptune.” Isn’t the sun in Virgo right now?


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