Friday, September 20

Fog approaches. A confusing square between optimistic Jupiter and impractical Neptune, exact on Saturday, can put a foggy curtain over the truth and reality over the next couple of days.

Double-check all financial transactions carefully and be aware that some folks will promise much more than they can deliver in the days ahead. Morning hours are the best of the day for important calls and business.

The Moon trines Venus at 3:50 am PDT and then trines clever Mercury at 10:24 am. Clear skies follow until the fog bank approaches Friday night as the Moon opposes Jupiter and squares Neptune at 10:02 pm. Problems with alcohol, drugs, and deception make Neptune a lousy partner tonight.

As times change.

1 thought on “Friday, September 20

  1. lance ferguson

    Neptune is a water planet…Jupiter rules excesses…floods, hurricanes like never before…
    this square is fairly rare, once every 13 years, however, both Neptune and Jupiter are in their ruling signs…making them stronger…easy does it this weekend with this monster in full power.


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