Friday, September 30

A day of Grace.

The Moon enters gentle Libra at 2:52 am CDT early this morning and promptly runs into a square to impatient Mars at 6:58 am. Quack! But that’s the last of the bad news on Friday.

Green lights come on a few minutes later as Luna quickly motors out into calm seas. She will meet/conjunct lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 11:54 am and travel on to meet the Sun at 7:11 pm creating a New Moon.

New Moons bring times to plant seeds and to initiate new ideas. Lucky Jupiter is riding shotgun with this New Moon suggesting a very good day and two-week period up ahead to take action and to find new partners in love and biz—that’s a Libra specialty. Yes, yes, yes.

This is a stellar day and night for important appointments, meetings, sales calls, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery and all social plans—reach out.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Friday, September 30

  1. Baraka

    As a Libra, I would LOVE to see love appear in the next two weeks. Just putting that out there for the Universe to do its part in bringing it! Lovely day to all.


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