Friday, September 8

Be polite.

A happy Moon-Venus trine at 9:30 am PDT puts nearly everyone in a good mood Friday morning. But Luna quickly squares compulsive Pluto at 10:49 am, and this is when many folks will react negatively if they feel pressured or manipulated.

Afternoon hours are better for priority calls, and business as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 6:27 pm.

Evening hours are upbeat as the Moon opposes generous Jupiter at 10:15 pm.

A powerful and healing Sun-Pluto trine follows at 3:41 am early Saturday morning—these good vibes will be hanging out in the heavens Friday night.

8 thoughts on “Friday, September 8

  1. Linda E.

    I see…but you don’t have to put Datebook in Sample section. I printed the 2017 copy after your
    tip in the previous email you wrote. So, thanks anyway.

  2. Valerie

    Good morning Lance and Leslie ,

    I love waking up to skywatch everyday thank you so much for bringing your talent to everyone!
    Have a great day !

  3. lance Ferguson

    thankfully, the fires are in eastern Washington….the big deal to us is finally we get some rain after 80 days of drought…it’s raining now…hopefully will help with the fires..

  4. kathleen

    Lance what’s the tip on printing skywatch from my end ? Thanks -I just connected w Carole Cilliers on Facebook she used to be on same radio station a few years back that you started the day with – in SF

  5. lance Ferguson

    once you join the member’s section you enter your password and all the issues are there to easily down load, including pass issues in case you want to look back and see what the Skywatch was on a paricular date.

  6. Mac

    Hi Kathleen, if you are a member, sign in, go to the monthly pdfs, open the one you want and hold down the CTRL and P keys, this should work just fine. If not, yell in the morning and I will help you with this……


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