Good News ahead:

I' ve got some good news for these dark days.  I just finished writing the April Skywatch and there is a big, very positive kiss out there that could easily be a major breakthrough or piece of progress in this fight against the virus.on April 4;  'wise elder Jupiter' meets healing Pluto in the heavens.  This pair can move mountains and hangs out in the Skywatch through next November.  The pair reconnects in July, too.  I used the word "miracle" to describe the energy in this conjunction in Skywatch.  We need one and this is a very good sign in the stars that it can happen.  Stay light and help each other. As times change.

5 thoughts on “Good News ahead:

  1. Regina

    I don’t think I’ve ever needed to hear something like this more. Pluto has been cruising through my 6th house; just moved into my 7th on March 10th. But he’ll be back in my 6th in July and will conjunct Jupiter there. I was worried, but now I feel better. Thank you!

  2. Marianne

    Thank you for light during these times of stress in so many ways. The Pluto-Saturn conjunction has really packed a punch–just like the opposition in 9/11! I never would have thought a world-wide pandemic. Sending love and healthy engender to both you and Leslie. Namaste


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