How to order your personal astrology reading for 2018

I am ahead of my usual schedule and have the 2018 Datebook together.  If you want to order a new reading for your personal astrology for 2018, I urge you to order it now while I have time.  There is always a big rush for readings in December, and I can’t always fulfill every order on time.  If you have never had a timing reading from me consider this offer.  Send me your date, time (check your birth certificate) and city of birth in a note in the post.  I will create your birth chart, analyze the transits or timing events in your chart for 2018: when to hold ‘em and when to fold’em.  I’ll record a one-hour cd with this info. And include the 2018 Long-Range Datebook with your reading.  The fee is $150.  Send a check along with your info to PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231 or use Paypal or your credit card – You do this by calling Leslie with your number at 360-392-8338.

One thought on “How to order your personal astrology reading for 2018

  1. Tremolo

    If you ever wanted a reading from Lance, get one asap. It’s eye opening -and life changing. My husband and I each got one and it’s absolutely worth every cent and more.


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