How to order your personal astrology reading for 2018

If you want to order a reading of your personal astrology for 2018,  I urge you to order it now while I have time.

If you have never had a timing reading from me consider this offer.  Send me your date, time (check your birth certificate) and the city of birth in a note in the post.  I will create your birth chart, analyze the transits or timing events in your chart for 2018 - when to hold ‘em and when to fold’em.

I’ll record a one-hour cd with this information and will also include the 2018 Long-Range Datebook with your reading.  The fee is $150.

Send a check along with your info to PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231 or use Paypal or your credit card – You do this by calling Leslie with your number at 360-392-8338.

4 thoughts on “How to order your personal astrology reading for 2018

  1. Tremolo

    If you ever wanted a reading from Lance, get one asap. It’s eye opening -and life changing. My husband and I each got one and it’s absolutely worth every cent and more.

  2. A happy client Post author

    I wanted to thank you again for the readings you prepared for XXX and I. We listened to them for the second time yesterday afternoon…and we both appreciate you, your style and your vast knowledge and experience!

    All the best and a BIG HUG,

  3. Christine Friday

    Hi Lance,
    can you do a natal chart reading which is more an overall chart reading of the individual?

  4. lance Ferguson

    sure, I’ve been doing natal readings since 1979. Send me a note with birth data and a check and any questions, areas of concern and I’ll record an hour long cd with a reading of your natal chart…
    be sure to tell me you want a natal reading in the note. Questions and further explanation is yours to have as I’ll be available to answer all after you have heard the cd.


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