If your birthday is this week (Apr. 16–22)

Buckle up, Aries. Uranus, the planet that rules unexpected changes, is sitting next to your Sun in your new Solar Return. Freedom is a Uranian demand and rebellion is in his blood. Use his energy by investigating new ideas, places, and ways to put your original plans into action. Dependable Saturn makes a very welcome trine to your Sun in this chart of your new year. That means older folks and those in positions of power and authority will be inclined to help you succeed. A Venus-Saturn square in this new SR reminds you to be careful with expenses and to be certain you give as much as you get in relationships; without fairness and equality, you are likely to chase partners away from you in work and play. Uranus rules “the truth.” Stick to it, and you’ll come out way ahead. As times change.

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