If your birthday is this week (April 21-27)

You probably are wondering what is going on in your life as you’ve had unexpected events and situations appear of late. The reason is that unpredictable Uranus is next to your Sun in your new Solar Return, Taurus. This event happens only once every 84 years and inclines you to make some changes in your life that give you more freedom. Uranus encourages your desire to experiment and try new things in your life and relationships. For some, this can be “a walk on the wild side.” Adding to the energy of risk-taking Uranus, you have both Venus and Mercury in Aries in this chart of your new year. Aries energy pushes all of us into starting new projects and scouting out new territory. Uranus also rules “the truth”. Stay on that path, Taurus, and all the changes are more likely to work out in your favor. As times change.

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