If your birthday is this week (Aug 11–17)

You’ll be wise to ask this question in the days ahead: How much is too much? Yes, Leo you’ve got the T-Square in the heavens now in your new Solar Return, the chart of your new year. There’s a tremendous amount of power in this alignment, but you’ve got to know when to back off and not force the issue—in relationships as well as business. A bright light in your new SR is Mercury trine Uranus—you can come up with some brilliant plans and solutions this year which makes it a very good time to journal and to keep notes on what you discover/create. Put some energy into improving your nest this year, Leo. Buying and selling property is favored with Jupiter in Cancer if you are ready to move. Take some time to get near water and to listen to your feelings when you are confused—the truth is inside you, Leo. As times change.

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