If your birthday is this week (Aug 13-19)

All this talk about Venus should interest you, Leo, as these two Venus markers are in your new Solar Return, which is the chart of your new year.

Venus opposite Pluto will typically put you into a position where you must compromise in relationships.  And you’ll need to budget carefully this year as unexpected expenses are likely.

That said, you have a splendid trine from dependable Saturn to your Sun, Leo.  Saturn rules bosses and authority figures who will support you and help you in the months ahead when you do the work.  Mercury is Retrograde in your new SR.

But this is not a big problem as long as you study all important purchases and decisions carefully – always do your homework before you take action and you’ll make sound judgments.

Lucky Jupiter is in Libra in your new SR opening the door to positive new encounters and relationships in both work and play – get off the beaten path and check out new activities and classes, Leo.  You’ll be warmly accepted.

As times change.

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