If your birthday is this week (Aug 18–24)

Something’s gotta give.

A powerful Cardinal T-Square dominates your Solar Return, the chart of your new year, late Leo and early Virgo birth signs.

Cardinal means: take action. Squares bring challenges. Uranus sparks the need for changes in your life and times, but not necessarily bad ones. To the extent you are on your truth and path, you’ll have detours in the months ahead which will end up helping you.

If you are caught up in a bad story or relationship that is not healthy or helping you prosper, you can expect static, resistance and unexpected complications that will make you reconsider your path up ahead.

Most helpful this year is that sweet Venus is in home sign Libra in your new SR. She encourages you to seek out experts and consultants where needed—excellent advice and help is yours to have if you ask.

As times change.

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