If your birthday is this week (Aug 20-26)

The recent new Moon and Solar Eclipse near your birthday provides you with your homework for the year ahead, late Leo and early Virgo birth signs.

Plant seeds, take the initiative and things can work out much better than you thought possible.

Tireless Mars sits next to your Sun in your new Solar Return – he is the “new event” specialist and gives you extra strength and courage to open new doors of experience and action.

A Venus-Uranus square in your new SR puts pressure on your love life and finances in the months ahead – an unexpected complication is likely, especially if you have painted over the truth.

Do your homework and analyze matters carefully with Mercury Retrograde in this chart of your new year and you’ll make good decisions.

Ask for new responsibilities and opportunities.  And know that the seeds you plant this year can bear lots of fruit in the future – that’s the promise of a Solar Eclipse.

As times change.


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