If your birthday is this week (August 18–24)

There’s an unusual pair of planets walking along side by side in your new Solar Return, late Leo and early Virgo birth signs.

Venus, who likes to spend, flirt, and eat chocolates, is holding hands with Mars, who is impulsive and prone to buying something that breaks the budget. This pair can generate love at first sight—whether it’s a person, a new car, or what you find in a shopping spree at the mall.

There are two other powerful planets in this chart of your new year: Jupiter in home sign Sagittarius and Saturn in home sign Capricorn.  Jupiter encourages you to travel, get more education or experience, and to expand some area of your life. Saturn asks to be dependable and to work on long-range projects that can help you in the future, Leo and Virgo.  

As times change.

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