If your birthday is this week (August 25–31)

The year ahead can be one of the best years in your life so far, Virgo. Yes, yes, yes.

Sweet Venus sits next to your Sun in your new Solar Return, helping you find love and money in the months ahead. Brave and determined Mars is sitting next to both of them, giving you the energy to do things you’ve never done before. Lucky Jupiter is in home sign Sagittarius in this chart of your new year dealing you aces in the game of life.

And brilliant Uranus is lined up in a trine to your Venus, Mars and the Sun in your new SR, increasing your ability to make changes in your life and times that will give you lifetime benefits.

Get out and meet people, Virgo. Step up to the microphone and ask for what you want. You won’t ever pass this way again. The Force is with you.

As times change.

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