If your birthday is this week (August 5-11)

You’ve got a long list of Retrograde planets in your new Solar Return, Leo.

That means you’ve got to be patient with people and situations in the months ahead.  Rx planets can delay matters but don’t deny their outcome.  And frequently folks and matters of the past return to your life and times from these Rx planets, often to your advantage, Leo.

One fat square sticks out in this chart of your new year: Venus square Saturn.  Saturn is the tester; love and money come under the rule of Venus.  Selfish actions around both are likely to cost you dearly and destroy trust in your close business and personal relationships.

Your creative energy gets a boost this year from Jupiter making a trine to imaginative Neptune—also encouraging you to examine the spiritual side of life more closely.  Your dreams (Neptune) can be most helpful, and you’ll likely learn something important by keeping a dream journal.

As times change.

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