If your birthday is this week (January 21–27)

You’ve got mixed signals in your new Solar Return, Aquarius.  You have two ruling planets calling out a big part of the energy in life and times ahead.

Saturn is one ruler, and he is in conservative, “take care of business,” Capricorn, in this chart of your new year.  He asks you to buckle down and pay any necessary dues so that your future becomes more secure.  Your other ruling planet is experimental Uranus who sits in Aries and loves to do new things and go to new places.

Saturn says preserve what you have that works and be cautious.  Uranus encourages you to break away from old restrictions and ways of doing things.  Helpful to your cause in the months ahead is that sweet Venus sits next to your Sun, Aquarius.  She attracts favors, love, and approval—singles, this could be the year you find a new love that lasts. Yes, yes, yes.

Hang on to the old, but experiment and investigate new paths and ideas in the months ahead, Aquarius.

Times have changed.

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