If your birthday is this week (January 27-February 2)

I hope you’ve been reading all the birthday forecasts this month, Aquarius.  Because you have the same three planets in their home signs in your new Solar Return. 

Having Saturn in Capricorn in this chart of a new year urges you to work hard and to get your affairs organized. 

Jupiter in home sign Sagittarius will help you draw aces in the game of life – this is the year to gamble on your self. 

Mars in Aries in your new SR amps up your energy level and ability to step into new fields of experience and endeavor. 

A dream can come true in the months ahead as you also have the Saturn Neptune sextile as a crown jewel in this new SR. 

Stay committed to your highest priority ambition, Aquarius.  The Force is with you. 

As times change.

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