If your birthday is this week (January 28–February 3)

Your new Solar Return has the same blend as last week’s birthday forecast, Aquarius.

One of your rulers, Saturn, is in conservative Saturn asking you to work hard for future rewards and to stay on the practical side of all matters. Your other ruler, liberal Uranus, is in aggressive Aries, the sign that loves to go into new stores and situations, and to experiment.

And as luck would have it, sweet Venus sits next to your Sun in this chart of your new year. She attracts money and affection, but you’ve got to get out on the dance floor to let somebody love you, Aquarius.

A Full Moon around your birthday calls out “a year of endings” in your life in the months ahead. Let it be the end of loneliness or fear of the unknown. Nothing is holding you back from having a banner year, Aquarius. Happy Birthday.

As times change.

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