If your birthday is this week (January 7–13)

This is the year you can find your fifteen minutes of fame and take a giant step up the ladder of your ambitions, Capricorn.  There’s real power in your new Solar Return as the Sun, Venus and Pluto are all joining forces and sitting next to each other or conjunct in this chart of your new year.

Venus attracts love and money, Pluto increases the chances you’ll meet the rich and famous folks and that they will be supportive of your goals and wishes.  Pluto is the healer so this is the year when you can improve your physical health and find new ways to increase your income in 2018.

Mars and Jupiter both sit in strong-willed Scorpio in your new SR adding more firepower and energy to whatever you attempt in the months ahead. This is the year to write down 100 things you want on paper and put it in an envelope to open on your next birthday. You will be astounded at how well the universe treats you in answering your wishes, Capricorn.  But you’ve got to ask first.

As times change.

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