If your birthday is this week (June 10–16)

You’ve got an unusual Pluto connection to your Sun in your new Solar Return, Gemini.

The aspect between these two bodies is called an inconjunct. Inconjuncts are minor aspects but always bring a bit more stress to health and job matters.  This one won’t knock you off your horse but does alert you to be open to changes and making adjustments in your thinking and plans in the months ahead.

Having a new Moon around your birthday sets up a stellar year to start new projects in your life and times.  Mars is in Aquarius in this new SR suggesting a good year to work with friends and to follow an independent course of action where possible.

Your ruler, Mercury, is in emotional Cancer which can lead you to make errors in judgment when your feelings are hurt, or you are in an emotional funk.

The helpful side of this placement is that it increases your psychic awareness—pay attention.

As times change.

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