If your birthday is this week (June 24–30)

Disciplined Saturn sits opposite your Sun in your new Solar Return,  Cancer.

Saturn is the ruler of karma, and you are very likely to meet up with yours in the months ahead— for better or for worse.

Saturn demands you stick to projects at hand and stay grounded and organized. Sweet Venus is in romantic and fun-loving Leo in your new SR.  However she is opposite to overindulgent Jupiter in your new SR which is bound to put a few pounds on your body if you succumb to the craving Venus has for sweets.

Moderation in spending, eating and making promises will save you grief and keep you from financial mistakes.  Jupiter in Scorpio in your new SR will help you heal old emotional wounds and find new solutions to problems of the past, Cancer.

Keep busy, stay focused, and you can make some real progress this year.

As times change.

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