If your birthday is this week (June 9–15)

you are in a weird new cycle that can be confusing and very strange, Gemini. All due to dreamy Neptune making a square to your Sun in your new Solar Return. This is a once in a lifetime year-long period when you might not know if you are on foot or horseback. The positive energy in this square pushes you into refining and polishing up the biggest dream in your life and how you are going to go about getting it. Lucky Jupiter in home sign Sagittarius in your new SR can open new doors and help you make it happen, but you’ve got to stay focused and on the realistic and practical side of the street. Venus is in your sign in this new SR, too, and she is also helpful in bringing the right people into your life, work and play. Dreams and visions can be powerful now—pay attention, Gemini. As times change.

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