If your birthday is this week (March 10-16)

Two connections to your Sun are important aspects and pieces of your new Solar Return, Pisces.  

There’s a great deal of positive energy in the Pluto sextile to your Sun. Master astrologer Lois Rodden says of this time in your life: “As one area of your past is resolved or concluded, a door opens that is opportune to a new cycle.” Yes, yes, yes.  

This is the year to step out on your gifts and talents, Pisces.  You just have to know your limitations as the Jupiter square to your Sun will help you draw aces, but you have to keep all matters, costs, and expectations in a realistic and practical frame.  

And with Mercury Retrograde in this chart of your new year, attention to the fine print and all the details is very important.  Be open to finding new ways of doing things and new opportunities in the months ahead, Pisces.  

Times have changed.

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