If your birthday is this week (March 11–17)

your Solar Return is loaded with high-energy aspects, Pisces. Jupiter in healing and powerful Scorpio is trine your Sun in this chart of your new year—very lucky and urges you to expand your world and thinking in the months ahead. The most challenging situations will be around your relationships as Venus squares Saturn in this SR putting your love to the reality test. Power in this new chart comes from ambitious Saturn in home sign Capricorn—the work you do this year can pay off big time in the future—stay focused on your highest priority, Pisces. Jupiter is protective and you can win if you are totally engaged. Times have changed.

2 thoughts on “If your birthday is this week (March 11–17)

  1. Karena Mahoney

    Hello! I can’t seem to locate the “If Your Birthday is This Week” info for my birth week. My birthday is today, March 8th.

    Thanks so much for your help!


  2. Merle Morrigan

    If your birthday is this week (Mar 4–10),
    there is a powerful and out of the ordinary
    set of three planetary connections to your
    Sun in your new Solar Return, Pisces.
    Creative and spiritual Neptune asks you
    to define your dream in life and to be a
    realistic idealist in your efforts to attain
    it. Pluto is also aligned in a positive angle
    to your Sun in this chart of your new year,
    Pisces. This connection helps you heal from
    slings and arrows of the past and urges you
    to give up destructive relationships and
    situations—replacements will find you to
    fill the void. Because lucky Jupiter sits in
    a trine to your Sun which means you will
    draw some aces in the months ahead. Just
    make sure the game you are in is honest
    and fair. As times change.


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