If your birthday is this week (March 17–23)

Sweet Venus is on center stage in your new Solar Return, late Pisces and early Aries birth signs.

The ruler of love and money is in the sign of Aquarius in this chart of your new year.  Aquarius is the sign that rules your friends and groups—both sources of benefit in your life in the months ahead.  That’s due to Venus lined up in a sextile to lucky Jupiter in this new SR.  This pair opens the door to welcome opportunities and social connections if you reach out; a love affair with a former friend is also a script this placement produces in many lives.  

However, you’ve got to take your time and be patient with new people and developments in your life and times as Venus also makes a square to hasty Mars in your new SR.  Be especially cautious in what you say and communicate to others as Retrograde Mercury in this new SR could prompt you to say things you deeply regret later.  

As times change.

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