If your birthday is this week (May 14-21)

The big kiss between Saturn and Uranus is a crown jewel in your new Solar Return, Taurus.

Saturn is realistic and practical; Uranus is inventive and thinks outside the box. So this is a very good year for you to branch out in some way and to experiment with new tools and ideas.

Your ruler, Venus, is in impatient Aries in this chart of your new year—be patient with others and the pace of events in your life. Lucky Jupiter remains in Libra, the sign that rules all kind of partnerships, in your new SR—help is available if you will ask for it.

With responsible Saturn in Sagittarius, instant karma will get you if you break the law in the months ahead. Stay under the speed limit and play it straight, Taurus. You’ll win that way.

As times change.

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