If your birthday is this week, (May 17–23)

I like what I see in our Solar Return, late Taurus and early Gemini birth signs.  We have two big positive connections to our Sun in this chart of our new year. Dependable Saturn and lucky Jupiter both trine our Sun suggesting a year when the hard work we do pays off in spades.  Yes, yes, yes.  Even Venus Retrograde in our new Solar Return can’t stop our progress in the months ahead, but she does warn us to be very careful with love and money matters as she makes a square to dreamy Neptune encouraging impractical thinking and purchases. Mars and Neptune are both in spiritual Pisces in our new chart, increasing our psychic awareness and ability to get information in our dreams - ask the important question just before you doze off, Taurus and Gemini, and see what happens. As times change.

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