If your birthday is this week (May 27–June 2)

Loving Venus is a big star in your new Solar Return, Gemini.  I think you have the luckiest chart of your new year that I have seen so far in 2018.

Venus is in emotional and mothering Cancer in your new SR.  She trines/blends her energy and gifts with lucky Jupiter and creative and romantic Neptune forming a Water Grand Trine, a formation that is lucky and beneficial to your interests.

Venus rules love, and money and both areas are very likely to improve in the months ahead, Gemini, if you will listen to your feelings and be open to new ideas with clever Mercury also in trine to pioneering Mars in you new SR.

Give and you shall receive.  Old lore, but that’s the way Venus works, Gemini, and it’s a good mantra, especially in love, for the year ahead.

As times change.

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