If your birthday is this week (November 26–December 2)

You are leaving one of the most difficult periods of time in your personal astrology, Sagittarius.

Finally, confusing and deceptive Neptune is leaving the square he has made to your Sun over the last couple of years.

This square is a once-in-a-lifetime event described by Lois Rodden: “Deception, confusion and unrealistic aspirations threaten your goals.”

Neptune dissolves relationships, prior advantages, and often brings additional stress to your health, along with strange sleep and dreams.

Things will be different in 2018. Clarity and strength you lost return as a new and much better set of planetary transits show up in your personal birth chart in the months ahead.

The Future? Lucky Jupiter enters your sign on November 8, 2018. Good news if you are ready then. Be alert for positive guideposts along the way.

And be thankful, times have changed.

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