If your birthday is this week (November 4–10)

There is a stellar Mercury Jupiter conjunction in your new Solar Return, Scorpio.  Mercury rules the details and all forms of communication.  Jupiter is the philosopher who loves to help Mercury get your news out and for you to be heard loud and clear.  So this is a fabulous year to write a book, teach, learn, travel, settle legal problems and to sell your self and your ideas to those in power.

Mars is in air sign Aquarius in this chart of your new year, and that means this is a good year to work with friends and to get involved with groups and organizations whose causes your support.  Saturn is in home sign Capricorn in this new SR.  Nothing moves quickly with Saturn but the work you do this year can pay off in spades by your next birthday.  Stay focused with your attention on the big picture, Scorpio, and in your favor, times will change.

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