If your birthday is this week (Oct 22-28)

You’ve got one of the best Solar Returns I’ve seen this year, Scorpio as lucky Jupiter is sitting right next to your Sun in this chart of your new year.

Lois Rodden writes of this time in your life: “Good luck and protection make this a time to shoot for big goals.  Honorable men are generous.”

Jupiter encourages you to travel, get more education, publish your work and to adventure and to expand your world in whatever way possible.

Helpful in all matters is that sweet Venus is in her home sign Libra in this new SR.  She will help you gussy up your appearance and digs, and bring positive encounters into your life if you will allow it, Scorpio.

Throw your hat into the ring every chance you get – gamble on yourself.  Lucky Jupiter is on your side and helpful in all you do in the months ahead.

As times change.

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