If your birthday is this week (Oct 8-14)

You are going through a major period of transformation, Libra.  That’s the message in your new Solar Return which shows your Sun and Mercury sitting in a square to powerful Pluto.

This once in a lifetime event pushes you toward using more of your gifts and talents in your life and times.  And Pluto asks you to let go of the people and situations that are not healthy or contributing to your success and future.

This is not easy, but is a big part of your homework this year and paves the way for positive new situations to come into your life.

You also have Venus and Mars in practical Virgo in this chart of your new year.  They will hopefully inspire you to get serious about your health and to start healthful routines that you can carry into years ahead.

This can be a time when you heal up an old wound – don’t be afraid to ask for help, Libra.

As times change.

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