If your birthday is this week (October 6-12)

There’s an unusual and challenging square in your new Solar Return, Libra.

Realistic and serious Saturn sits in a square to your Sun in this chart of your new year. Saturn tests you and can give you benefits in the future if you pay your dues and work hard in the months ahead.

Helpful is that lucky Jupiter is still in powerful home sign Sagittarius and that eager and determined Mars is also in Libra in your new SR. Your ruler, Venus, is in passionate Scorpio turning up the heat and passion in your relationships which can be good or bad depending on how honest you have been and whether the connection you have is healthy.

Scorpio tends to extremes but can help you heal old problems if you want to keep the relationship intact. Don’t depend on quick fixes or take your eyes off the brass ring this year, Libra. Your grit and determination can pay off in spades in the months ahead.

As times change

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