If your birthday is this week (Sept 4–10)

You are going to get tested in the months ahead, Virgo. The Saturn Neptune square sitting in the heavens now becomes a part of your new Solar Return.

Saturn is a realistic guy. Neptune is Johnny Depp and can’t be depended on to come through when he sits in a challenging square. And with Mercury Retrograde in this chart of your new year, it is critical that you take your time and carefully analyze your moves and the possibilities before you take action.

You have a wonderful trine to your Sun from Pluto in this new SR. This usually means the boss likes you and wants more of your work. Yes, yes, yes.

And sweet Venus is in Libra, her home sign, in your new SR. She will help you clean up your act and maybe introduce you to someone unusually important, if you will take time off work to go look, Virgo.

The outcome is up to you; be shrewd and you can avoid the pitfalls and enjoy a banner year.

As times change.

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