If your birthday is this week (September 1–7)

You’ve got a welcome posse riding along with you this year, Virgo.  As Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo and sitting next to your Sun in your new Solar Return. That means this is the year when you can do some of your best work and get the recognition you deserve.  One note of caution: all of your Virgo planets square or challenge overconfident Jupiter in this chart of your new year.  The good news is that they all trine dependable Saturn, which means you just need to play it cool, conservatively and patiently this year.  You’ve got to know your limitations, and you can make this a banner year.  Also notable is that Venus, ruler of love and money, is trine powerful Pluto in your new SR., Venus makes you more kissable and will definitely help you increase your bank account by year’s end.  Do the voodoo you do so well in the months ahead Virgo - the force is with you.  As times change.

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