If your birthday is this week (September 15–21)

Stick to tried and true conservative ways of doing things this year, Virgo. Hiding in your new Solar Return is a dangerous square between over-optimistic Jupiter and unrealistic Neptune, which will prompt many to gamble and risk failure by going overboard in some manner.

You’ll have the energy to accomplish more than usual as eager Mars trines powerful Pluto in this chart of your new year. Sweet Venus is in home sign Libra in your new SR - she will help you find new partners in work and play. Mercury is also in partnership sign Libra sitting next to Venus which will give you the give of gab and the ability to sell your thinking and ideas to others -speak up and ask for what you want in the months ahead.

Times have changed.

1 thought on “If your birthday is this week (September 15–21)

  1. Wendy

    As I always comment every year, I’ve come to this site for so many years to read my birthday horoscope. Thank you for continuing to be around. Being able to continue the tradition is appreciated.


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