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I just found out we can get a free astrocartography chart AND reading/explanation on the web. To get your report go to  Click on “free horoscopes” at the top and get your astrological birth chart calculated.  Date, time and city of birth is what you need.  And print out a copy.

The only trick is the slots for entering your birthday.  Enter the day first, then pick the month and type in the year.  Put in your birth city and find it on the list and click on it.

And your chart is done, and now you can go to the “Astro click Travel” section and get a map of the country with lines through it…that tell you about the energy you would have if you lived in Chicago or New York…it’s complicated but if you click on any line it tells you what the symbols mean. It’s amazing! It’s free reading that might tip you off as to why you don’t like a city or had a lousy vacation someplace.  You can also get bits of info in the other sections, too.    If you can do biz in different cities, astrocartography might tip you off to the market that really loves your story and taste. Plus, you’ll have a copy of your birth chart which means you can begin to read the good astrology books.

And once you have your birth chart, you’ll know what signs and houses hold your Venus and Mars, the planets that rule love and sex.  Then you are ready to read “Love and Sexuality” by Kirby and Stubbs, two women who do a stellar job of explaining the tastes and needs of each position.  The entire book is just about your Venus and Mars.  It’s a good read, and it lets you see how different we are from each other. What turns us on and how we feel and give love – there are at least twelve different flavors in the twelve signs.

There are a huge number of books on astrology out there now, and most of them are flimsy.  If you want to read further on your chart I suggest you order one of the good handbooks out now that give you an interpretation of all of your planets in signs and houses and quite a bit more.  The best are: “The Astrologer’s Handbook” by Sakoian and Acker and “A Spiritual Approach to Astrology” by Lofthus.  And for a deeper interpretation on your planets, buy a copy of “Planets in Signs” by Skye Alexander.  Most of these books can be found used and cheap on Amazon.  No one book tells you everything; nobody knows it all in Astrology.  Each author has a point of view and that’s why I read them all.

If you read about your Venus sign in all three books you would identify a big piece of your personality and see how you give love and also what you must have in return.

It’s your nature.  This is so valuable in really understanding your kids and all your loved ones. We all have Different strokes and signs= different natures.

Read about your Mars in these books also - the sign and house he is in, and you’ll learn about your energy source and inspiration – how you fight and what really turns you on. It’s “ How you like to do things”.

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  1. Gorgegoddess

    Wow, I have used for years, but never clicked on the travel section. Amazing info. Thank you Leslie! I have been using the color oracle and it is a fun quick rad on your mood.

  2. Baraka

    Like Goddess above, I’ve been using Astro for some time. This year I had a minor windfull and could afford to upgrade to a full membership (under $50 a year) which gives me access to all the transits and the full daily love horoscope and lots of cool stuff. Well worth it for a completely personalized view of your starscope!

  3. Julie

    At, under the Free Horoscope sections there are the Short Horoscopes which are previews of longer reports available for purchase. Many of these are worth looking at. For adult natal reports I’ll start with Personal Portrait and the Children & Young People reports. Often I find that Children & Young People report is more fitting, even for adults. I like the Short Report Forecast which looks ahead maybe 6 months at the more major transits. It will often display different transits affecting the natal chart than the Personal Daily Horoscope so they’re good used together. is still offering on Thursdays free access to the expanded portion of the Personal Daily Horoscope, but I’ve found the access stops sometime in the afternoon in my time zone (MST) , apparently because is on GMT and then it’s become Friday. Keep in mind, however, that these are only snippets of reports and they don’t balance and blend the meanings of natal positions or of transits the way a reading from a live astrologer would. 🙂’s Stories from the Stars report is a fun introduction to fixed stars, showing only a few in the report preview. You can look up the position of other fixed stars in their Extended Chart Selection under Additional Objects (shows the main fixed stars). A well-known fixed stars author is Bernadette Brady. On her articles page,, in the 2nd section find this article to download: ‘Fixed Stars, Other voices in our astrology’ for more information. Also, a good website about fixed stars is Keep in mind that fixed stars keep moving slowly across the sky so the positions show in a “lookup” type of work may be off a few minutes or so. Older tables will show Regulus at 29 Leo, for example, when it’s moved into Virgo only recently. Dr. Ben Dykes believes Regulus will keep its kingly, Leo significations, even though its position has changed to Virgo.

    To use you do have to create a free account and login, but hey, they allow 100 charts in your account!

  4. Stephen

    Another useful service is their Extended Chart Selection, although I am not sure whether that’s free or not. I just found out that the “Natal Chart with Transits” choice can also be used for past dates. This came apropos of a friend who is currently going through Uranus opposing his natal Saturn. I then realised that Uranus opposed my Saturn to 0.14 degrees on the day my father passed away from a sudden heart attack when I was a child, by far and away the most impactful tragedy of my life. Hopefully the opposition will spark no tragedies for my friend! I think I will look up more past turning points of which I remember the dates in the future. But the travel horoscope is definitely also a boon!

  5. lance Ferguson

    interesting remarks, Stephen…Saturn uranus contacts are called “heart attack” aspects…
    as Uranus usually brings something unexpected…and Saturn always has serious tones…yes,
    it is helpful to go back and see what was happening when major events happened in your life.


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