Jupiter Saturn conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn meet in the heavens on Dec 21.  Astrologers call this the Grand conjunction.

While it has been called a Christmas star, there much more to know about this event that only occurs once every 20 years.  The two giants will meet in the air sign Aquarius.  This is a big deal and the changing of a 200-year cycle of this conjunction that has been in earth signs since 1802.  This era has marked the Industrial Revolution and our ability to get power from the earth: uranium, coal, petroleum.  We also note that we have abused the earth badly in this time period and may have damaged our ecosystems so badly we will lose populations of critters worldwide and maybe even our ability to live well on this planet.

In the future, these Grand Conjunctions will occur in air signs, with one timeout in 2159, all the way to 2219.  This is a change we welcome as technology and new inventions discovered in this time period may help us from destroying the earth’s atmosphere and seas.  We can anticipate new energy sources coming from wind (air), solar and new machines not yet invented.

Air signs are noted for democracy, peace, progress, science and technology.  Aquarius rules charitable and humanitarian groups and endeavors and a global perspective.  This broader vision is so needed now as we have to think of saving the earth, not just Kansas.  Air is the mental element in astrological symbols, and we can assume there will be important new inventions and theories developed over the next 200 years.

To put it another way.  We are leaving the era of Gordon Gekko, who said: greed is good.  We have been submerged in the fight for material goods and objects over the last 200 years.  In this next age, the goal is new ideas, inventions and things that help us all – win/win situations/creations.

“Live long and prosper.”  Now we should look to and follow Mr. Spock from Star Trek, who was logical, honest, brilliant and committed to helping Kirk and the Enterprise complete their mission.  Notable: the line where no man has gone before is an Aries idea; in real life, both Shatner and Nimoy were born in the sign of Aries, and a reason they fit the parts so well and also butted Ram heads.

Notable is that this Grand Conjunction takes place on the Winter Solstice, one of the most powerful days of the year.  A day that marks the change of seasons also is a day that marks the change of an era for us all.

As above, so below.  This energy shift marks a stellar time in your life to put new ideas and win/win plans into your future.  The Force will be with you in the months and years ahead.  As times change.

4 thoughts on “Jupiter Saturn conjunction

  1. Diane Spear

    And to imagine, In our lifetime! So thrilled with anticipation for the times ahead!
    Leslie, I ask your permissions to share this?
    Love & Light to you this season

      1. Merle Morrigan

        Mac, dear, when I share (to my friends on line, say) I always attach Lance’s name and the website addy. Is that acceptable?

        1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

          Hi Merle, of course you can share the website and letters from Lance, although you can now find the letters on the top of the front page under Lance’s Letter. It is the same one attached to the monthly pdf in the member’s area. Hope this helps. And thank you for promoting Skywatch!


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