Lance’s December letter

We had a quiet and lovely Thanksgiving.  Just Leslie, her son Pete and I enjoyed shrimp cocktails and t-bone steaks with a good bottle of wine. It was a simple to cook and clean up meal that satisfied us.  And then I turned on the football games.  The weather has been mellow with highs in the low 50’s and lows in the high 40’s.  We get some rain two or three days a week but no wind or really difficult days.  It is dark at 4:30 pm and dawn doesn’t arrive until about 7:15 am.  This is the “Big Dark” of Winter.  Lots of clouds on most days but we don’t care.  It’s still lovely here and there is a lot to see on the back roads. The raspberry vines are all wound up into a semicircle and sleeping until Spring wakes them up.  The blueberry bushes are cranberry red. – It’s a strange sight to see fields of red leaves, stems, and plants against the green background of cedars and pines.  Lots of pastures are bright green as farmers plant alfalfa as soon as the corn is harvested and get a jump on growing a crop as the hay grows in these low light months and later becomes the number one crop around here.  It’s easy to see why with so many dairy farms and ranches in this county.  The Kodak moment was last week.  We’ve seen small flocks of great white swans out in the stubble fields, but we were stunned when we turned down a two-lane backroad and saw well over a thousand white swans out in a field in one huge gathering.  They fly down from Canada during our Winters and are fabulous to see. We found a small Lutheran church on of the backroads and the sign out front interested me.  The top message noted the times of the service; underneath that, it said: Quilting, Wednesday, 9 am.  There’s an old craft and social experience.  I would love to see what they are making.  Most of the flowers along the driveway are gone except for some white faces from a flower I don’t know.  And there are pink blossoms on Leslie’s Thanksgiving cactus in the living room.  She says it only blooms once a year.

I had to look up the chart of Fred Rodgers.  (March 20, 1928, 8:20 am, Latrobe, PA) and was not surprised to see such a lovely chart.  A Pisces Sun and Moon gives him deep compassion and a desire to help others.  Add to that pair Mercury in Pisces, the ability to express it.  And sitting in between the Moon and Mercury is Venus, the planet of love, in her most powerful sign, Pisces.  That adds up to a loving heart and a kind manner.  His rising sign or personality is Taurus, another sign ruled by loving Venus.  That chart set me off to look up Tom Hanks chart.  Tom’s Sun is in another sensitive water sign, Cancer, and it linked up in a trine to his Mars in Pisces, echoing the energy in Fred’s chart.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I bet it’s very good.

Know anyone with Lyme disease?  I do and passed on to her the website of a Swedish researcher who has found a plant that is the right medicine to heal this nasty infection.  I found this info in one of my astrology magazines- odd I’ve never seen this in the news.  For her information, go to:  I’ll try to remember to put this up on my site, too. This is a major deal for those with Lyme.

And then, right in the middle of the Big Dark, the clouds part, the Sun comes out and we have a fabulous day.  The air is so clean and sweet, and our drive out into the backroads is our Disneyland, especially when we are in the valleys and look up and see Mt Baker covered in snow with cotton candy clouds covering the base -  everything here is always outlined in green cedars and pine trees – add the blue waters of Birch Bay and to this scene and we have the primary colors of happiness around us all the time.  Leslie and I send you best wishes and our hope you have a peaceful, loving, and enjoyable holiday celebration.

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  1. Julie

    ‘Love your monthly newsletters! So many picturesque images come to mind when reading them. Thanks for the Lyme Disease article link. Years ago I was diagnosed with a Lyme co-factor, Mycoplasma Fermentans, and since its treatment is similar to that of Lyme, I try to keep up with news about both.
    Happy New Year to you, both, too!


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