Lance’s February Letter

Friends,                                                                                            February 11, 2018

We’ve had some excitement lately as a huge earthquake in Alaska kicked on tsunami fears all along our coast that fortunately proved to be false.  But now I see why we have signs on the roads that lead to high ground and warn of tsunamis. We’ve had rain and snow.  Mt. Baker picked up a quick ten feet of snow and opened early.  Strangely, a warm front came through weeks later, melted a lot of snow, and rained steadily for two days – and the rivers rose.  We drive across the Nooksack River most days, and it was way up and moving, swift, but still within its banks in Ferndale where the river goes right through town with one bridge over it for cars and an old steel erector bridge for trains nearby. And while it rains a lot, we are still tooling along on the sweet two-lane farm roads which take you up to the ridge tops and then drop you into a valley in less than three miles. Along the way are farms, red barns and more horse ranches than you might imagine. Llamas, too.  The raspberry canes are wound up and naked.  The blueberry vines are scarlet and strange looking.  But the pastures are green as a new alfalfa crop is standing up bright and perky and replacing the corn stubble.  Down the road, strawberry plants filled a small spot.  We rarely have a freeze, and Leslie reports that she already sees buds on some trees.  Wishful thinking?  She has already bought veggie seeds now sitting in the kitchen window, a reminder.  She’s infected with the urge to grow things and to improve the beauty of the front yard which is the attitude of many people here in western Washington.  And folks are friendly.  In general, we have had only good reactions and positive vibes from the people we meet.  And this is a hardy bunch.  You might have on a jacket and be chilly while in sandals and shirt sleeves. Leslie’s son, Pete, outfitted our car with super grabber tires and the best windshield wipers, so we have no worries as we cruise the back roads in the rain which we actually enjoy.  I’ve learned to fill up a roadie cup with my good coffee before we head out.  It kills me  (Taurus folks are known to be tight with money) to pay Starbuck prices when I make an excellent brew, and a warm cup of joe is good medicine for traveling about under cloudy skies.  Although the clouds are a beautiful painting of their own as warm and cold fronts, bring different layers of soft white pillows and dark, angry lines of clouds on the horizon as a storm front approaches.  Hard to believe but they pushed the crab harvest season back another month so they would get fatter.  And the day came last week, so I picked up a fat Dungeness at the grocery yesterday.  Price was $3.49 lb which meant my pound and a halfer came in at about $7.50.  And it was excellent.  I took over the kitchen sink, poured a glass of cold white wine, got my garlic butter pot out and ate the whole thing in a half hour standing up watching the news.  So good.  (Oink.)

I want to thank all of you that have been so patient waiting for your reading as I got behind but have finally caught up.  Be sure to cluck at me if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  The post office makes a lot of mistakes at this time of year.  And be sure to contact me if you don’t get your copy of Skywatch by the end of the preceding month. We had three subscribers not get their copy last month.  If you need a new copy, call us and leave a message and we’ll get a replacement into the post pronto, and we are happy to do it.  Homebase is 360-392-8338.  Mercury Retrograde is ahead…perfect time to do your taxes.  Read ahead and pick out the good days for what you need to do, as times change.

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  1. J. Smith

    Thank you Lance and Leslie for allowing us to see through your eyes the wonders all around you.
    ~Keep on keeping it cozy~
    Jags & Marly


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