Lance’s June Letter…….

June 10, 2020

Questions have come in about current events and if astrology can offer any information on the happenings.  I got the birthday of George Floyd and the chart of the moment he died.  His birthday of Dec 21, 1960, makes him a Sagittarius with a very kind Moon Venus conjunction in Aquarius.  His Mars in Cancer is more oriented to protecting his family than fighting in the street.  The chart of the moment he was murdered does not have any distinctive violent aspects.  And the aspects in his chart at that moment are not exceptional in any way; nothing is out of the ordinary.  And there is the astrological analysis of his death – nothing was out of the ordinary.  It’s a very, very sad statement and should make us all realize things have to change in our country and quickly.

Another thing about astrological birth charts.  They do not show race or the sexual orientation of the person.  I think the chart shows us the soul and heart rather than the categories we place on certain people.  For me, the hard thing is the chart doesn’t even show me if the person is male or female.  So, I have done more than several readings not being able to determine the sex of the person by their name. (hello, Jimi, er Ms. Jimi, now, I understand) but it hasn’t mattered, and the truth of the reading and chart kept spilling out and I never heard back from any client that my not knowing their sex in any way affected their reading.  This tells me that heart and soul we are all one: black, white, yellow, gay, straight, man, woman.  There is another note to this story that astrology can explain.  What is out of the ordinary about Floyd’s death is the reaction from people all over the globe protesting against racism.  On March 22, Saturn left conservative Capricorn and entered rebellious and liberal Aquarius, the sign associated with broadminded reformers and those who stand for “the truth”   Unfortunately, Saturn is now backing up and will reenter Capricorn on July 1 which may reduce the power and calling of the protests.  However, on Dec 21 both Jupiter and Saturn will enter Aquarius for long stays, and it’s likely that the push for civil rights and an end to racism will then be recharged – let us hope.

Covid-19 is another matter.  All astrologers were primed to worry about the conjunction, the meeting, of Saturn and Pluto in the heavens that took place on Jan 12 of this year.  We watch the cycles of the planets and what happens here on Earth during these events.  Saturn rules restriction, consolidation, and tests us to the limit.  Pluto rules death, mass catastrophes and extremes.  In years past, when these two met in the heavens, times of extreme difficulties have appeared here on Earth, and usually they involved depressions and financial hardships for many.  Disease and wars have been the primary sources of these hardships.  However, astrology is not able to pick out the manner of these difficult times and we couldn’t forecast covid-19 being the killer and pandemic it is now. We just knew something was coming.  We also can’t predict when this pandemic will end or any outcomes.  All of that is up to how we handle this test.  And that is yet to be seen.

We are seeing a minor reopening of life and businesses here in Whatcom county.  But most places are still shut down.  We are sitting tight and wearing masks wherever we go.  Today we hit the grocery store, stopped for a cheeseburger and frosty at Wendy's, and then drove the back roads to get home.  The blackberry vines are now covered in small flowers, and there is reason to believe we will have a bumper crop this year.  A light rain kept our wipers on as we drove past farms, dark green swatches of forest, and beautiful country estates.  We felt like we had been way out into the country and felt completely refreshed by the time we got home.  But checking the odometer, we realized we’d only driven 28 miles.   We send you blessings and hope you are well and safe.                     Lance and Leslie.

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