Lance’s letter, April, 2019

Friends,                                                                                                   April 16, 2019

“I’m just shocked!”  That was Leslie’s comment as we drove through the neighborhoods and back roads this week.  The reason:  Spring snuck in and pulled the blossoms on the cherry trees out into full display three weeks ago.  Daffodils are smiling now, and so lovely in the front yards of houses on nearly every street.  New leaves are covering the raspberry vines, and our maple trees behind the house are filled with light green new leaves.  It is amazing how fast Spring showed up on the Washington coast.  The forest is coming alive again and filled with new growth. And the tulips are in full glory in all colors now – we’re off to see the big tulip fields tomorrow.  It’s just an hour away and an incredible sight.  You can check it out at  And friends, we are so far north, just 20 miles from Canada says the freeway sign, it is shocking how fast Winter left, and the green revival has begun.  We’ve had a week of rain, too, which never really adds up to much – just two inches in the rain gauge after all the drippy days.  Our neighbor hates this weather and takes his trailer and dog to the California desert for the Winter months – he just got back yesterday.  We don’t mind at all since the rain doesn’t really interfere with our daily activities, and we are homebodies who enjoy cooking, hanging out and feeding the birds and squirrels in our back yard.  Look out in our front yard, and you’ll see Leslie’s flowers: pansies, primroses, English daisies and more in full bloom.  I never knew how much these beautiful flowers could brighten my life.  And they do.  Thank you, Leslie.  We get the Seattle tv stations and watch the saga of the big city every morning.  The traffic is beyond horrible, and the homeless situation is worse.  Friends ask if we check out the sights there and the answer is no thanks.  We love being on the farm roads that rise and fall through the gentle hills and pass farms and pastures with spring calves staying close to momma.  Often there is nobody on the road in sight so we can dawdle and enjoy the view and count the chickens in the barnyards at our leisure.  And now the dandelions cover the vacant fields and verges.  And actually, they are beautiful. Bright golden faces, millions and billions, rise up from the dark green grass and give us another kind of Spring display.  The best thing we’ve done of late was to get a freezer full of beef from a local rancher.  We cooked a roast last week, and it was fabulous, and we don’t have to worry about baddies in the meat that can make you sick.  This man also grows asparagus, and we’ll get a fresh batch from him for our Easter meal.  Ah, life in this country is wonderful.  We both think this move was the best thing we have ever done.  It’s no wonder so many people live a long life in these parts.  I’ve been seeing a brilliant man who specializes in acupuncture and Chinese herbs for more than a year.

This situation came about from Leslie’s prompting, and she was right.  Scott has done much more for me than the dermatologist who couldn’t fix a skin problem and has helped heal up a serious infection on my leg that the doctors who saw it couldn’t remedy – they told me to put ace bandages on it, and all that did was cover it up.  I realize it’s different strokes for different folks, but I do want to report that this kind of treatment has helped both Leslie and me tremendously with no side effects.  We’ve all got a good period of time coming up for financial decisions, buying and selling and putting more bucks into our pockets in May.  Read ahead and put Venus in Taurus days ( May 15 to June 8) to good use in your life.  As times change.

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  1. Maria Jacobson

    What a lovely letter! You “paint” a beautiful picture with your words! So happy you have found a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist. I discovered the many positive benefits from acupuncture and herbs. Thank you both Leslie and Lance–love your website!


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